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October 22, 2018 · 2 minute read

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I’m very behind on link blogging (over a month! And the last one was very minimal!), so I’m just going to dump some things.


Threat Modeling For Activists: Tips For Secure Organizing & Activism

An intro to protecting what you need to protect.

Trump Administration Eyes Defining Transgender Out of Existence - The New York Times

Another case where the cruelty is the only point.

What duelling can teach us about taking offence | Aeon Essays

The right is currently using a model of “offense as [emotional] hurt”, while the left is using a model of “offense as harm”. But this author proposes “offense as insult”, a model based on early-Modern dueling culture as better suited to the current situation.

Facebook carries out massive purge of oppositional pages - World Socialist Web Site

‘There is no DNA test to prove you’re Native American’ | New Scientist

You can’t do a biological/chemical test for a social status.

The tech worker advocate, Bjorn Westergard

We’re finally getting to the point where tech worker unionization has traction.

What Is Voldemorting? The Ultimate SEO Dis | WIRED


Cursive/ at master · gyscos/Cursive

A TUI library for Rust.

A familiar HTTP Service Framework — responder 0.1.0 documentation

A low-boilerplate web backend library for Python. It’s more minimal, like Flask, but also more opinionated, like Django. Also, async.

JMP - JIDs for Messaging with Phones

This would really be appealing to me if I were still doing a mobile data-only, no phone number dealio. Only thing is that my fake phone number (SIP) and my fake SMS number (JMP) would be different.

How I remember CSS Grid properties | Zell Liew

Mastodon Embed Shortcode for hugo | Kevin Gimbel — Developer

If I can motivate myself to do more blogging, I’ll need this.

dizzy-labs/mastodon-archive-to-html: python script to take a mastodon archive and convert it into a human-readable webpage for viewing

Literature and Weird

Mary Elizabeth Counselman

An under-appreciated woman in Weird Fiction.

Horror is a dark and piercing reflection of our anxious times | Aeon Essays

The Demonstration | DRAB MAJESTY

Some mood music


Good night, #fediverse. Good night.

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