Links for 2018/08/09

August 9, 2018 · 1 minute read

Posted in: web architecture politics climate change


The Web is still a DARPA weapon. – Giacomo Tesio – Medium

A good article on a few loosely connected points. How centralization of the web tends to promote US government/business interests, as against those of internet users and other countries. A lot of it is nothing you haven’t heard before, especially about DNS.

But the better part is the discussion of how JavaScript is fundamentally a weapon, aimed against users, because it is basically designed to execute untrusted code.

I’d like to see browser vendors “pave the cowpaths” when it comes to the actually useful things that can be done with JavaScript, and allow them to be done declaratively, without client-side scripting. I’m thinking of something similar to Intercooler.js, but implemented natively in the browser.

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