These are things I’ve made that aren’t either writing or software, yet are downloadable. I’m pretty hopeless with both music and art, but I’m mostly okay at crafts. These things are basically the electronic equivalent of crafts.


Sounds I’ve recorded, mixed, or whatever.

Zen Alarm Clock

For some time, I’ve wanted one of those “Zen Alarm Clocks,” the kind that instead of waking you up with an annoying buzzer or (worse) NPR, plays a series of tones that gradually increases in frequency until you wake up. But if you do a quick search of Froogle, you’ll see that those things aren’t exactly cheap, so I’ve written one for the computer.

Download the file.

The chime sound is from the Freesound Project. It is a Tibetan Singing Bowl being struck once with a wooden mallet. Full attribution here. What I have done is make a larger sound file that repeats this chime at decreasing intervals based on the golden mean. You can use cron or your scheduling software of choice to play it when you want to wake up, or you can record it to CD or tape and play it on a suitable clock radio. I have a script to turn up the volume on my computer and play it so I can hear it from the next room.


Things that are not sound, images, or video, but aren’t writing, either.

Writing paper

Writing paper, letter-sized, ruled for an italic cursive hand, baselines 24 points apart.