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March 23, 2019 ยท 3 minute read

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Going to try to do this whole link blog entry from emacs. Normally I have a workflow that involves dragging links from Firefox into emacs, where, by a bit of emacs magic, they are automatically converted into Markdown links. But I’m trying to live in the terminal (with Cool Retro Term) this week, so I’m using pinboard-list.el to give me my list of links to share. Hopefully I’ll have a macro or something that is almost as easy as my drag-and-drop hack…

The Male Feminist Movement Time Forgot

This article is a good introduction to the Men’s Liberation movement, and why we now have, instead, its shadow, then Men’s Rights movement. Oddly, it doesn’t mention contemtorary Men’s Lib resources, like /r/menslib on Reddit.

Why we use progressive enhancement to build GOV.UK

I also work in government web development, and because we have accessibility requirements that the private sector often doesn’t, progressive enhancement is a natural fit for us, too.

Geo for Bootstrap, a Timeless Theme by Divshot

This is a theme for Bootstrap that makes it look like a classic GeoCites webpage. A brilliant subversion, since Bootstrap is so closely associated with webpages that look professional but lack any unique character. A real piece of work.

How to Make a “Share on Mastodon” Button in Pure/Vanilla JavaScript

I’ve added this at the bottom of each of my pages as, of course, progressive enhancement. Without JavaScript, you get a “web+mastodon” URL, which depends on your browser having installed a handler for it. Unfortunately, neither is going to work in Lynx; you’re just going to have to copy and paste the URL in that case.

Where platforms go after Christchurch

The author identifies two classes of problems that make it easier for neofascists to spread their idology: platform problems, and internet problems. Internet problems are those that just come from everyone being able to talk to everyone. Platform problems are those that come from platforms growth-hacking, slapping on a thin layer of moderation, and using algorithms to try to optimize for engagement.

The Brutalist Path

An emacs user discusses how they went from using standard color themes to making a brutalist theme: more than no syntax highlighting, but substantially less than normal themes, and quieter. I’ve tried their theme, and for whatever reason, it causes font substitutions on my emacs both on Windows and GNU/Linux, so it’s not quite usable for me, but I really like the idea.

The Pyrex Glas Controversy that Just Won’t Die

Basically, what you’re buying these days under the Pyrex brand is not Pyrex, in the sense that it’s not borosilicate glass. Because it’s cheaper to sell tempered glass, even though it’s prone to shattering into small pieces under thermal stress. This is fine.

Shutting down Homestead child detention center: a Quaker perspective

The Miami Friends Meeting is working to shut down the child detention center in Homestead.

Quaker: The Quiet Revolutionaries

We saw this video at the Palmetto Friends Gathering last week. I wish I had a better link for you than vimeo, but youtube-dl will make it usable. This is a simplified history of Quakerism focusing on the social justice aspects. Sometimes it may be simplified to the point of not being 100% accurate, which was a point of contention for some of the people at the gathering.

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