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February 8, 2019 · 3 minute read

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Got behind again, and have to drop a lot of things I was going to note here. Fewer is better.

Web topics

The Web is Made of Edge Cases by Taylor Hunt on CodePen

Designers and front-end developers tend to treat web rendering as a pixel-perfect graphics runtime; it’s not.

How to design website layouts for screen readers –

Facebook pays teens to install VPN that spies on them | TechCrunch

This is pretty extreme even by the standards of surveillance capitalism.

Google has quietly dropped ban on personally identifiable web tracking

This is business as usual – the simple rule is that everything always gets worse.

Carpetsmoker/hello-css: A CSS template focused on readability

Another basic CSS toolkit, focused on simple, good typography. This plus some slim wrappers around grid or flexbox are really all you need.

HTML, CSS and our vanishing industry entry points

Good points about the shape of the industry.


Center for a Stateless Society » Review: Superintelligence — Paths, Dangers, Strategies

The Great White Robot God – David Golumbia – Medium

Two conflicting articles that should be read together for a good view of where we stand today.

US and International Politics

No such thing as Bernie Bros: Bernie’s approval rates are women 50%, blacks 70%, latinx 55%; men 46%, whites 43% / Boing Boing

It’s primary season again, and the neoliberals are even more out in force now than last time, so this is worth bearing in mind.

‘Resistance’ Media Side With Trump to Promote Coup in Venezuela | FAIR

The US is a single party state, but with its usual overindulgence, it has two of them.


Trump Administration Allows South Carolina to Discriminate in Foster Care

SC makes national news for being horrible.

Civil forfeiture: SC police seize millions, often from innocent people

Basically if you have an interaction with the cops, and you are carrying cash, be prepared to lose it (especially if you are Black, naturally). I knew civil forfeiture was bad, but I had no idea it was this bad.

South Carolina Spent $9 Billion to Dig a Hole in the Ground and Then Fill it Back in

South Carolina makes national news again, for being at the forefront of taking regular people’s money to give to rich assholes.

Suburbanites want to destroy wetlands, teacher wants to save it, schoolboard member wants to use it as leverage in a grudge. SC local politics are amazing.


This Future Looks Familiar: Watching Blade Runner in 2017 |

This is one of many valid takes on Blade Runner.

The Queer Art of Failing Better | Laurie Penny

A review of the Queer Eye reboot as a window into the kind of helplessness and incompetence that is produced by masculinity, and the kind of changes to identity that are required to move forward. Laurie Penny is also one of the best writers working in journalism today.

Winona Ryder Finally Agrees To Sleep With Generation X

Highly relatable.

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