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January 5, 2019 · 3 minute read

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dengste/org-caldav: Caldav sync for Emacs orgmode

I’ve started to use this, to go along with my resolution to start using calendars more, and to-do lists less.

More emacs configuration tweaks (multiple-cursor on click, minimap, code folding, ensime eval overlays)

There were some useful hints in here for me. I tend not to use multiple-cursor-mode, because I have trouble remembering how it selects things, and it’s easier for me to use iedit-mode or just macros to do multiple similar edits.

How Apps on Android Share Data with Facebook - Report | Privacy International

This is fairly concerning. I no longer have a Facebook account, but while I prefer to use Free Software apps from F-Droid as much as I can, I don’t have a Google-free phone, and I use a few non-free apps. I find it concerning that they may be providing information to Facebook. I do use Blokada, which should block most of that kind of traffic, and you probably should, too.

XMPP is 20 years old! | The XMPP Newsletter

Lots of interesting stuff in this issue. If you want to run a modern XMPP (Jabber) server, check out my article on Setting Up Prosody for Conversations.


COMET Eyes Greater Ridership Diversity | Local & State News |

In Columbia, people mostly only use the bus if they have to, and that is mainly poor people, and especially poor Black people. The CMRTA seems to be mostly interested in trying to get more affluent white people to ride by making the bus more “fun”. But I have to say that I stopped riding the bus when they eliminated stops near my house, and made the routes less frequent. Reversing those two things would do a lot more to get me back on the bus than WiFi and chargers.


For Nancy Pelosi and the new women in Congress, fashion was a defiant statement of purpose — and resistance - The Washington Post

I’m not super-supportive of the #Resistance, especially the neoliberal wing like Pelosi. But the article does mention Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who is the real deal. And it would be wrong to underestimate the role of fashion in political messaging.

Why Americans Get Socialism and Capitalism Backwards

An article that does a good job of explaining to economic liberals (i.e., conservatives and centrists, in US terms) why they would be better off under social democracy, and why they should support it. I think we need actual socialism, not just social democracy, but I do think that this article is tactically well-aimed.


JMF, one of the developers on Lollipop Cloud and an admin on one of the Mastodon instances I use, is also linkblogging. Go check her linkblog out if you like this one!

Art Nouveau coloring pages | Free Coloring Pages

Art Nouveau coloring pages under Creative Commons licenses. That’s pretty Solarpunk.

Old Nuclear Missile Silos for Homes

Interestingly, it seems to be mainly pacifists and environmentalists rehabilitating these structures.

Blood Music

I’ve enjoyed several artists from this label… which suggests I might want to listen to some of the others.

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