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May 14, 2019 ยท 1 minute read

Posted in: gopher web css

If you don’t have a gopher client handy, you can browse the gopherverse using the Floodgap Gopher-HTTP Gateway. It will proxy gopher pages to you over https, so you can read them in a browser that doesn’t support gopher. The OverbiteWX extension for Firefox uses it to handle gopher URLs.

This is a very useful service, but the design is not very appealing to me. Gopher is supposed to be simple plain text, it’s true. But the lack of margins and small text on the proxy website makes it hard for me to read. I have written a very small and simple userstyle to make it more readable. I had previously made it available on, but they are associated with the less-than-scrupulous extension “Stylish”. You should instead be using the community-driven alternative, Stylus.

Screenshot of floodgap gopher proxy with userstyle

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