Minor Germinal update: link syntax

July 22, 2019 ยท 2 minute read

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So, the Gemini link syntax was finalized:

Link Syntax Finalized

The one place this affects Germinal is in the generation of directory indexes. Germinal’s directory indexing code has been updated accordingly.

I have also updated the links on my Gemini site.

Unless there are changes coming to the response header line format, this is probably the last Gemini change that actually affects Germinal. Pretty much everything else is client-side.

I’m pondering Gemini clients. Right now the most full-featured Gemini client is AV-98, which is line-oriented, and Asuka, a ncurses-based client is in early development.

These are both good, but I’d really like to see a client that’s not made for the terminal. I love working in the terminal, and some days I choose to ‘live’ there for a break from the GUI world. But I’d also like to see a GUI client that does nice typography and, for example, opens images itself (in the main window, or in new windows). I’m afraid I’m not the person to write it, though. I don’t really have any experience writing GUI applications. I’ll probably write an Emacs lisp client at some point, but that’s still basically in the TUI space. Still, keeping it in potential space. I think a GTK app in Racket might be interesting to do.

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